Top 3 Misconceptions About Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

There are many misconceptions out there about hiring a Personal Injury Attorney. Many people think it’s about greed, that it’s too expensive, or that you’ll end up with more money without an attorney. Let’s look at each of these in more detail as we dispel these myths.

  1. That it is about greed. I often hear injured clients tell me that they are not trying to be greedy and are not looking to get rich in pursuing a claim. They just want what is fair. I could not agree more. Hiring a personal injury attorney is not about greed or about trying to get rich. It is simply about being sure you are treated fairly and most importantly, protecting yourself and your family.
  2. That it is too expensive. The truth is, it costs you nothing to hire me to represent you in your injury case. You will not owe me a dime unless I get you a recovery for your injuries. This arrangement allows me to represent all injury victims, regardless of their financial circumstances.
  3. That you will end up with more money without an attorney. This is certainly what you might expect to hear from an insurance adjuster who wants to discourage you from seeking legal counsel, which they know will inevitably force them to pay you more money. In reality, it is normally the case that hiring experienced legal counsel will put more money in your pocket, even after attorney fees, than the insurance company would have been willing to pay you without legal counsel.

In future blog posts, I will discuss other misconceptions about personal injury law, the legal system, along with other matters that I hope will be of interest to you. If you have questions, call me anytime.