“Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock….”  Some of you may be reminded of the crazy lady from the “Hunger Games” movie who kept repeating that phrase after learning that the arena was designed as a large clock.  Or you may be reminded of a recent pop song with the same title.

When I hear the phrase “Tick-Tock” I am reminded of a metaphorical clock that is ticking for every person who has a potential injury claim.  This is true, whether the injury is from a car wreck, medical error, workplace injury, or any other type of injury or accident.  For every injury case, the clock will eventually run out and the injury claim will be forever lost to what is known as a “statute of limitations”.

A sad and frustrating part of my job is often telling people who call me about an injury claim, that for them, the clock has run out.  It’s Game Over.  They waited too long, and it is too late to present a claim or to file a lawsuit.

You may ask:  “How much time do I have?”  The answer is:  It depends.  It depends on how you were injured, or what type of accident you were in.

How much time a person has before his or her claim expires is often a complicated question that requires the advice of an attorney.

The point of this blog is not state what the statute of limitations may be for any particular injury claim.  All claims are different.  It is sometimes complicated to determine the statute of limitations for a particular claim.  The point is to help educate readers of the fact that there are strict time limitations for bringing a personal injury claim.

I hope that everyone who reads this has a blessed and Happy New Year!