Why I am running for Family Court Judge

I have recently announced my candidacy for Daviess County Family Court Judge.  Many people have asked me why I have decided to pursue this position.   The simplest answer is that I believe that I will do a great job, and and that I will enjoy taking on this role as a way to serve families in Daviess County.

As my website and advertisements reflect, I practice in many areas of law.  This includes family law, which I have been practicing for the entirety of my career.  I have guided dozens, perhaps hundreds of families through very difficult circumstances that come with divorce.   I have celebrated with families whom I represented in adopting a child.   I have represented women who stood up against abuse and domestic violence through the court system.  I have fought for the well-being of children when appointed by the court as a guardian ad litem.  I have been tough when I have needed to be, and compassionate when appropriate.

The Family Court Judge will be making critical decisions about families and children. The Family Court Judge will decide whether a child needs to be removed from the home due to alleged neglect or abuse.  The Family Court Judge will decide how to ensure the well-being of children who are abused and neglected.  The Family Court Judge will decide which parent in a divorce or child custody case will be granted custody of a child.   The Family Court Judge will decide how to fairly divide assets in a divorce.  The Family Court Judge will decide how to best protect victims of domestic violence.   These are all weighty decisions.   I have the experience, discernment and backbone necessary to make these very tough decisions.  I will always do what I believe is right and just, and will seek God’s guidance in making these decisions.

I have been successfully running my own law office for many years.  Through this, I have developed strong business expertise.  Transforming our current outdated court system into a well-ordered and efficient Family Court system will require strong leadership and hard work.  I have served in many leadership roles and am a natural leader. I want to put my legal expertise, leadership skills, business experience and commitment to upholding and following the law to work as Daviess County’s Family Court Judge.   I will work tirelessly to ensure that Daviess County has a Family Court system of which we can all be proud.   Thanks for your support.