“I Can’t Afford to Hire an Attorney”

If you are a victim of personal injury, the truth is you CAN afford to hire an attorney.

Over the years, many people who have been injured have asked me how much I charge.  Sometimes, they are surprised to learn that the answer is “nothing, unless I help you get money”.

The truth is, most people cannot afford to pay an attorney several thousand dollars.  Personal injury cases are different from other types of cases (such as divorce, child custody or criminal cases) in which an attorney might bill by the hour and require a large retainer up front.

Most personal injury attorneys, including myself, do not require payment of legal fees unless or until the client gets paid.  Typically, a personal injury attorney will be paid a set percentage of the total settlement or jury verdict.  The client will not owe any legal fees if for whatever reason the attorney is unable to obtain money for the client.

This fee arrangement is known as a “contingency fee”.  Contingency fee arrangements make it possible for personal injury victims, regardless of their economic standing, to obtain legal representation.

I hope this was informative.